Sunday, 1 July 2012

My nails this week

I decided to wear some false nails this week because I wanted longer, pointy stiletto nails. These are just the false nails that I sell that have been filed into the shape :) I would love to get acrylics but we're not allowed to have long nails in college. Don't want to be poking anyone's eyes out.
Pastel union jacks. Why is everything so much cuter in pastels!?

Barry M Blue Moon. I think I made this colour slightly dark though with some other Barry M nail polish.

I saw nails like this on last months company cover of Jessie J and I thought they were amazing so I had to try them out. I thought getting the line around the edges was so difficult. But this was my first time trying it so I'm pretty happy with the result. 

I've had a busy weekend, decided at 9pm last night that I would go out. It wasn't really a great night though maybe I was just too tired. I can't wait to get back to Dublin in September. I'm really going to work on my portfolio this year and hopefully start meeting new people and getting jobs :) I might be working on a shoot either tomorrow or next week so I'm pretty excited. Oh and I went a bit mad on the Illamasqua sale and I bought loads of lovely things that I will do a post about them with they come. If you haven't already look at the Illamasqua sale its so cheap! 

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