Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I've been obsessed with wearing lipstick this week. I literally NEVER wear it unless its a night out and even then it would be rare. This week I've worn it out twice! Its a bit of a pain worrying about it smudging though. Any tips to stop it? I went with my friend to get her tattoo done today. I had never seen a tattoo being done in real life before. I was more nervous than she was. I would like to get a tattoo but I'm a wimp and I want to be a 100% on what I want because I would hate to get something and not like it after a year.
MUA lip boom in 'its a situation' I don't really understand how your meant to use it 

First drawing I've done in a long time. Bit wonky I just need to practice :) 

MAC Russian Red 

Sarah in the tattoo place 


Finished tattoo

Old school sweet shop in Wexford. So expensive but I bought some American sweets! 

OOTD: Jumper: Monki
Shirt: Monki
Shorts: Urban Outfitters

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  1. I love the shades of lipstick you're wearing! The only thing I can recommend to stop it smudging is using a lipliner or use lipcote, but it stings me too much! XO.

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