Saturday, 23 June 2012


I got some neon polishes when I was in England. I was so happy because I was so tempted to buy them from American Apparel for ages. I was messing around with them the other day and decided to do some messy and very tacky nails but I really liked them in the end. I just applied random stripes of each neon colour then added a glitter topcoat and then I added a diamond to each nail.. for the extra tacky effect obvs!
All the polishes I used were from w7 

I decided to take off the gems and add a white layer and then I used a cotton bud with nail polish remover to lightly remove some of the white to reveal some of the neon colours.

I wish my nails were really this length and shape :( I just used the false nails I sell and shaped them into a stiletto/rounded shape. Hope everyone has a good weekend! 



  1. Such a nice shape of nail. I like the effect of the white over the colours, looks really summery!

  2. Love the nails! Defo going to give it a try :) I especially love the second photo but that's probably because i'm loving white/paler polishes at the moment :) x