Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Update- Trip to England

Here is an update of some photos from when I was in England visiting my dad, little sister and grandparents. I went last Tuesday and came back yesterday. I had such a nice time. I definitely needed to get away for a while. I did loads of shopping because I kept money from my birthday to spend. Would anyone be interested in seeing what I bought? Mostly clothes and makeup :)

Finally bought disco pants.. 

Bought these from a blog sale. First Illasmasqua products, I can't wait to use the red one. 
Left: Hollow, Right: Resolute
Neon pink nails: W7 shocking pink. Its much brighter in real life.
Spike and stud necklace from New Look
Some of the nail polishes my nan has been collecting for me! :)

I got this for my mum for her birthday. I hope she sees the funny side haha! 

Went to Monki on Carnaby Street. So many nice things I bought a lot from here :o

I had my first Krispy Kreme doughnut yesterday. I wasn't too sure about it bad that I prefer the normal jam doughnuts you get for 50c in tesco? 

Pretty soaps in Covent Garden

Ombre t-shirt from the mens department at Penneys 

Went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. 

Finally found a denim jacket I like it was just under £30 on sale in Urban Outfitters. I got the dress I'm wearing here but you can't really see it.

I only went into Lush to buy one bath bomb but of course came out with all this! 

Another necklace from New Look..isn't it amazing?!! 

Lipstick shirt from Monki!
My little sisters nail designs! 

Would any one be interesting in ordering some Louboutin manicure nails (or any other nails)? I'm trying to raise some money so I can buy a blog header because something needs to be done about it! Thinking about changing the name too because I don't just do nails anymore. 



  1. My wishlist from Monki is so huge at the moment! Love all your nails too. XO

  2. Cute buys! Deffo going to pick up the ombre t-shirt!

  3. Loved seeing your IG pics when you were in London. Glad you had a good time lovely x

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    I love it!

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