Saturday, 9 June 2012


This is my look for Acid brights. I used a bright pink lipstick from Barry M I think its number 52 vibrant pink. It doesn't look that bright in the pictures but it is highlighter bright pink. I wanted to try a double liner so I first lined my eyes with my Catrice gel liner and then the next line with my turquoise gel liner from Inglot. They mixed a bit so the turquoise is a bit darker than it normal is. 

I decided to do some nails to do with the look too. Barry M black polishes, which isn't great you need a few coats before its opaque and Angelica glitter polish in emerald which I love!  

Twitter: @chanmthomas


  1. This is gorgeous! I love your lipstick, but I'm seriously in love with your nails! I need me some glitter! XO.

  2. Your make up looks amazing, love the colour of the lipstick! Also, such amazing nailsss! xx

  3. wow! that is bright! I love the nailpolish!

  4. Really love the nailpolish and the colour of the lipstick <3