Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The little mermaid

Today is day two of the Mixed Gems beauty challenge and the theme was the little mermaid. I didn't want to do boring red lipstick like Ariel..(soz bbz!) so I decided to use the colours I think of when I think about the little mermaid and mermaids in general and try think of some ideas. Here's some face charts I did yesterday.
The one on the left is my version of Ursula and then for the other one I wanted to use loads of blues and greens. I think these looks would be perfect for a drag version of the little mermaid if I added a bit more glitter! haha. Anyway this is what I came up with..bear in mind I had my boyfriend there when I was doing this and he was a bit shocked at all the colour I was using seeing as I don't wear much eye shadow usually! 

I just used some really bright colours from my inglot palette and the glitter along the bottom lash line that you can't really see boo! Then just for fun I put glitter on my lips.. it was a horrible feeling! Hope you like my little mermaid inspired look! 

Oh and I forgot to post this. Its from a shoot I did with Kiss for a nail art story. So weird seeing my name in a magazine but I always get so excited. Also I started running today and I am so unfit it is not funny. I was DYING after and why is that when you are trying to be healthy that your constantly hungry! :/

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  1. I love the makeup! I love blue lipstick, need to try it! I am impressed with how you can wear so much makeup and not look like a drag queen, I am yet to master that skill. Not that i have anything against drag queens, they are way more glamourous than me! I love Inglot! they don't give me allergies, and I have pretty allergic skin. Although my skin is worse in winter, so I will have to see if it is still ok in winter. I wish they made bright red though!

  2. Replies
    1. Haha thanks you! Yeah Inglot are amazing. I have a bright red shadow by them! x

  3. Aww such a lovely makeup look!! I love mermaids xxx