Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dolly Nails @ the Closet Clear-out

I had a really great day at the closet clear-out yesterday. This time I was actually doing nails instead of just selling them. It was really fun. I forgot to take pictures of some of the nails I done but hopefully I'll be able to get them during the week.

 I'll hopefully be doing it again at the next one. I think its on the 31st of march. Next time I'm going to make time to have a look around. Loads of girls were telling me about all the bargains they had picked up and I was a bit jel! If you're around Dublin at the end of the month definitely go and have a look ;) I would of loved to have had time to take some street style photos there. I spent most of my time looking at what everyone was wearing! 

Busy weekend but overall fun. I made a bitta money and was talking to loads of lovely people and got to meet up with an old friend which was really nice. What did everyone else to this weekend! Oh also I'm thinking of holding a give-away on my facebook ( during the week! ;) x

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  1. This sounds really great! LOVE the banana nails sooo cute! xx