Monday, 5 March 2012


I got these lipsticks at the IMATS last month it was any four lipsticks for £10. I think you could get all of them for £35 or something..MAD! I picked up four because I don't wear lipstick that often and they were mainly for my kit. All the shades are matte I really don't like sheen finish lipstick prefer something that will stay on longer and I can add gloss over a matte lipstick if I want a different texture. Because of all the drama with the weather and flights I didn't get to go back to the IMATS on the Sunday. I had planned on going back to sleek after seeing what the other girls had bought and then we found a Superdrug around the corner from our hostel. It was 3 for 2 so I picked up two lipsticks and a white pout paint. I was quite surprised at how small the pout paints were I was expecting them to be the same size as the OCC lip tars. Oh and I picked up a really bright pink lipstick from Barry M. I want to try wearing lipstick more often I think its really fun. I'm just not sure what suits me yet.

Clockwise: Pink freeze, bare all, (Barry M) shocking pink, papaya punch, stiletto, OMG

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