Monday, 30 January 2012

Swinging Sixties

I helped my model Katie with her shoot on Wednesday. She was doing a sixties themed shoot. Her little sister  was the model she is only 14 but was such a good model. I find sixties makeup so hard because of the eyeliner! DAMN YOU TWIGGY! It turned out alright in the end but I had a bit of trouble with the hair. I had to give the model a beehive but we had no crepe hair to bump up the hair so I had to use mannequin padding to pad the hair. It actually worked out! I really loved doing shoots this week we don't get to do that many shoots during normal modules just one at the end. I did 3(most people only did one) in a week and a half now I had to edit them and make them into posters :/ stress! I have a presentation tomorrow..which I'm dreading! Oh well has to be done.

What do you think? x

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