Thursday, 4 August 2011

Old work

This thought I'd put up some of my old work. I was really proud of this stuff at the time (bar the black and white face) but now I know I could do it better. The first 2 are from our 3 weeks (2 days a week) makeup class.  

My course is a core year first year with costume, set and makeup designers all together. It doesn't work in my opinion. I hated the first year but I enjoyed the makeup classes we had so i knew I still wanted to do makeup :) The last 3 are from my portfolio course in 2009-2010. I had such a fun year and regained my confidence in my art work. Unfortunately when I went to college I lost it again. I'm just trying to be positive about September and seeing it as a fresh start and the start to the career I've dreamed about for years. Will do a post tomorrow about my little trip to London today! x

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