Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Alex Box

I stumbled upon Alex Box when a friend sent me a link to Rankin's website and I looked through the photos amazed by all the incredible and crazy makeup looks. I had never really seen anything like it before. I didn't find out it was Alex Box who had created these looks till the following year. We were talking about the IMATS in our makeup class and the discussion moved on to Alex box. When I realised it was Alex box' work that I had seen the year before. Here is some for her work..

A while ago I was bored and I found this eyeshadow in no.6 and decided I'd try to recreate this look

Its obvs not as good as Alex Box but I'm only a beginner. Funny how the first time my face is shown on here and its pink. I look ultra moody too! haha. 


  1. I think you've really got potential, keep at it (: