Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lush & the Lion King

God my titles are really bad! I'm just not able to think of anything clever or witty to write. Also I doubt people read blogs for the titles. ANYWAY! Last week me & my nan (i'm well cool!)went to London to see if we could get tickets to see that Lion king that day..unfortunately the only tickets left were really expensive so we booked some for this week instead. So yesterday we got the coach(hate getting the coach but my nan has a bus pass so she insists on getting the bus) to Victoria and then heading over to Convent Garden. I always think Convent Garden looks more European especially when the weather is as lovely as it was yesterday. They have some lovely stalls there too. There was even a woman singing opera while people were eating. Lucky for me I found a Lush there to so I had a look in there because I was dying to try out some of their products. Its one of those shops I've always browsed in but never bought anything! Well that changed yesterday.

I bought two bath ballistics. The white one is 'butterball' it has chips of coco butter and smells like sweet musk and vanilla(my favourite). The purple one is 'space girl' its got a kind of blackberry scent but the thing I like most about it is that it is covered in glitter. The last thing I got was a solid shampoo 'Ulitmate shine' it smells lovely and again it has tiny specks of glitter in it. I just wish i still had black hair so the glitter would be more obvious. I haven't tried any of these yet but i'm really excited to. 
Lush was only a tiny section of the day the most important thing was i was going to see THE LION KING! I had seen a little documentary/behind the scene thing about it a while ago and I just thought it was insane and I finally got to see it yesterday! And it definitely lived up to my expectations. 

Its just all of it transformed for a little sketch to that ^^. Its just amazing. I liked how they had masks but they also had decorative makeup on their face or like scar he had makeup to portray his character more. As for the actual story, it was pretty much the same as the film I'm pretty sure its word for word the same. At some points I was almost miming along. The opening scene with Circle of Life was just immense. How they portray it on stage was amazing and incredibly clever. I've had the songs stuck in my head since yesterday. If you haven't seen it definitely go see it if your in London. I hope this post hasn't been too long and boring x 

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