Saturday, 10 March 2012

Who's That Chick

I said ages ago that I wanted to post more makeup looks on here so the other night I decided to do this look:

I know this is mega old but I had saved it last year but never had a yellow eye shadow until I got my Inglot palette last week. Its a very bright look so I don't think I would be wearing it in public any time soon! haha. It was fun to do though! I've got loads of ideas for other looks that I will be posting soon! 

Products used:
GOSH X-ceptional wear foundation
Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer in 1 fair
Barry M lipstick in 52
Ben Nye Rouge wheel 
Ben Nye translucent powder in fair
Screen Face Cake eyeliner in 404
Inglot eyeshadows Yellow and white
Collection 2000 Big fake mascara



  1. this looks really nice! Its the kind of look that I always think looks amazing on Rihanna but no one else can pull it off but this looks fab on you! xxx

  2. Really well done :) Inglot will be hit tomorrow X

    1. @lovelain94 Thank you! x

      @laura I'm trying so hard not to buy another palette! x

  3. Oh i adore the colour of the lips with the eyes. Very beautiful!

    Sarah Betty xx

  4. It looks great, wish I was this creative with my makeup!

    joanne from

  5. Love this, definitely something to try for the summer season. Need to get my hands on one of those palettes!

  6. You done a great job, really love the way it's looks. x