Saturday, 11 February 2012

Love is in the air

I did this wheel a while ago so if you like my facebook page you've probably seen it already. It took me ages to think of different designs so some of them are a bit weird. What are you all up to on Valentines day? I have no idea yet. I think we're going for dinner not really sure what else there is to do!

Its been a pretty good week. I was wrecked after coming back from London and we just started a new project in college which I'm finding really hard to get into. On Thursday some people with special needs came into college and we had to teach them how to do vampire makeup. They are making a film in their school. It was a really nice experience and the girl I was teaching was so excited. I think they are coming back for the next 3 weeks. Also Sinéad from film, fashion & pop culture wrote the nicest post about me! It has made my week. You can read it HERE. This weekend I will be research for my college project and finishing my nail menu for the Closet Clear-out. I will be doing nails at their next event. I'm really excited but nervous. If you're around Dublin pop in and get your nails done! I'll post more information when I know more :) 


  1. They are soooo good. Adore the dolly mixture one. Check out some of my nail designs.

    Milli. Xx


  2. Oh, that wheel is lovely.
    The liocorice alsorts one is my favorite!
    I've always wondered, do you buy those wheels, and then paint the designs on... or do you make them?
    And how do you get the nails off the wheel?
    Ciara xx

    1. Thanks! I buy the wheels from Ebay then paint them. They are just for display. I have false nails to paint the design on if I want to wear them. Hope that helps x

  3. Oh that's so cute that you helped out, I really like the nails with the sweets on x

  4. Wowzers you're so clever. I wish I could go to Dublin so you could paint those pretty green bows on my nails!

  5. We always get stuck on what to do on valentines too!
    Your amazing; those designs are so lovely! The red one with the white hearts is gorgeous :) xo

  6. Wow these nail designs are amazing! I love the red one with white hearts xx

  7. Aw these are so cute!

    Hannah x