Monday, 6 February 2012

IMATS 2012

Hi! Well I flew over to London on Friday morning. It was a very eventful trip to say the least. On Friday we went to the V&A and then down Oxford street for a look around. I didn't buy anything but did try on some AA high-waisted jeans but they didn't look great on me.
On Saturday morning we headed to the IMATS. I had been looking forward to it for months. First of all we went to the Neill Gorton talk. It was really interesting I'm not that into prosthetics but I love watching the transformations. Our next project is prothestics based so it was so handy to get some tips!

Then after that we went around to SHOP! I was so excited I picked up a few bits but I was meant to go back on the Sunday but because my flight got cancelled and I had to re-book for an earlier one and because of the snow there wasn't a bus to Alexandra Palace so I couldn't go back and pick up the other things on my list. I was so annoyed and upset because I had planned to get more stuff on Sunday and I really wanted to go see the Pixiwoo talk. I will be way more organised next year. 

Sorry the photos are so wonky! 

After all that I did have a great weekend with the girls from college. We did spend the two nights there in the hostel bar which had  ridiculously cheap drink which was great on the night but not in the morning! Anyway I got home thank god but I am dreading college tomorrow because I'm so tired! 


  1. I went to London recentley and in the hostel we stayed in the bar was sooo expensive! sounds like you had a really good time despite flights etc, the prosthetic talk looks so good too xx

  2. Looks like it would have been amaaaaaaziiiing, so very jealous of you! Apart from the whole flights thing, that sucks :(