Friday, 13 January 2012

Whats in my Makeup Bag

This is whats in my everyday makeup bag. This would usually be the makeup I'd wear in college or on a weekend when I'm lazy. I don't really wear much makeup in college. I don't really see the point and some days when we're practicing looks I don't bother wearing any because I would just have to take it off as soon as I got in to college.

1. Oilatum. Such a good moisturiser and its the only thing that stops my skin from going dry.
2. Vaseline. I've only recently started using this everyday. I always get dry/chapped lips and I think its so rotten so if I use this in the morning it keeps them smooth.
3. GOSH x-ceptional wear foundation. This foundation is okay. They are really good if your really pale. I picked up this shade instead of the lighter one I normally get a 11 but I think this suits me more. 
4. Lasting Perfection concealer. I recently bought this and I really like it. Covers dark circles really well and its not too thick or heavy. 
5. Big Fake Lashes. I love this mascara. Its replaced my Max factor 2000 Calories. Its really lengthens my lashes and doesn't make them clump at all. 
5. Topshop Cream blush in Pinch. I LOVE this blush. No words can describe! I have had it for almost a year and have used it every day and there's barely a dent in the pot. Its so nice. Sorry that I haven't included a picture of it! But I would recommend it to everyone.
6. Body shop Vanilla Perfume. I know this isn't makeup but I use everyday. Its the vanilla perfume from the Body Shop and it is SO GOOD! I love anything vanilla scented and this is no exception. I really need to buy a new bottle. Its only about €14 too. Bargain! 

I was going to include some pictures with this makeup on but the light had gone by the time I had finished taking pictures etc. I might do a "get ready with me" style video. If not I'll post pictures. Do you have a makeup bag post or video? I love seeing what is in other people's makeup bags. It does make me feel lazy though because most people wear smokey eyes or a flicked eyeliner everyday. Personally I prefer the extra 10 minutes in bed! 


  1. I need to try that mascara and cream blush, they sound amaze!

  2. The vanilla perfume sounds good, and cheap! need to get on this haha xoxo

  3. I love vanilla too- I use the Natural Collection vanilla spray, and the Lush Vanillary :)
    I also love the Lasting Perfection concealer- I use it instead of my MAC one now! x

  4. I love that mascara, it's definitely one of my make-up staples!


  5. oooo I might need to get myself that TBS vanilla spray....I adore anything vanillary aswell!! Xx

  6. Oilatum is great! I want to do one of these posts now!

    1. Do it! Leave a link if you do..I'm so nosy! :) x

  7. I'd love to see a video from you! I wish I was one of those people who woke up early to do fancy makeup but alas, I am too lazy.

  8. Totally know what you mean about not wearing much to college! I do a similar course where I have to practise make up haha I get such dry skin taking it off all the time. Have to try that moisturiser :)

    Satin&Souffles xx

  9. I love the Collection 2000 mascara. Recently repurchased as it completely outranks more expensive drugstore mascaras from L'Oreal/Bourjois etc.