Monday, 9 January 2012


We were doing a theatre module in college before Christmas. I wasn't going to post the photos but I thought I might as well. We did a day on ballet makeup. Its a very heavy makeup look because its meant to be seen from a distant. I changed it a tiny bit. I think if it was really toned down it might be pretty for a night out. Here is the "how to" face chart and some pictures you lucky lot ;)
The face charts scanned funny :/soz

Well I have to do more work on my assessment. Hopefully have everything done after tonight. Oh I got featured on the Gosh facebook. Well happy! And Collection 2000 were doing a Monday manicure thing on twitter so I tweeted a picture of my floral nails and they RT'd this 

Really silly things but its really cheered me up after my terrible presentation at college today :) Hope you are all having a lovely Monday x x


  1. Wow, that looks so amazing! xx

  2. That makeup looks really good! Well done on being featured and RT! xx

  3. i remember having to wear over the top make up for stage when i used to dance. This look is lovely :)
    It's really nice seeing more of you on your blog too! xx

  4. I love the ballet make-up! Congrats on being featured on the gosh facebook too :) X

  5. I adore the ballet make-up! Ever so striking! xx

  6. This looks amazing and so fun :)

    Also I love your header. I really need to update mine and my background. Ugh takes so long though x

    sweet monday

    1. I found this and was just messing about on it. Its nothing special just something temporary :) Thanks though x x

  7. answer: yeah they were like small calorie bombs! I was feeling full after half a cupcake, haha.