Monday, 16 January 2012


This is one of the sets I made this weekend. I had done this design on a nail wheel ages ago but I never did a full set! I have been painting sets all weekend and these were top of my list. I've been searching town today for small cardboard boxes to package these nails in but no where has them. I have given up. I need some kind of packaging but I can't think of anything...if anyone has any ideas please let me know :)

Other than looking for the boxes I was just looking around the shops with my friend. Seen so many nice clothes that I want..or need! I haven't been properly shopping in over a year. I'm hoping that when I go to England  next month I'll have time to do a bit of clothes shopping. Wish someone would just bring me and pick out nice clothes for me! I saw these sunglasses in H&M today and I need them for the summer! Aren't they so pretty! 

x x


  1. Ahhh those nails are so cool :'). Love the sunnies, I can try to look nest time I'm on ebay for some kind of boxes.x

  2. ha love them nails they're awesome! The only other thing you could do is post them wrapped in a lota bubble wrap and pop them in one of those brown envelopes that are a bit stiffer? xx

  3. ah banana nails, amazinggg x

  4. Recently stopped biting my nails and your blog is like my motivation! Even though I know the majority are fake nails it's still my Nailspiration!


  5. Those banana nails are amazing! The sunglasses are awesome too, I love the shape of them! xx