Sunday, 27 November 2011

New things

I went on ebay last week and I got some nail art things. I can't remember the exact prices but it was all under €15! Heres the nail art things:

Mixed fimo canes. Can't wait to use these but I'm a bit worried about cutting them myself. I think they were about €3.

 Then I decided to get some new nail pens because I only have 6 and they are almost empty. Really like all the colours. Haven't tried them out so I hope they are good! They were around €8.




 Lastly I bought some dotting tools. I have been meaning to get some for AGES! I can't wait to try them out!
They were around €2

So annoyed I haven't had time to use any of them. I should be doing work right now but I can't face it. I keep procrastinating its not good! I also went into town yesterday and finally went to Muji becuase I wanted to buy a pill box to use as a lip palette for my kits heres what it looks like:
I might post another photo when I put the lipsticks in it. I haven't got many though. Anyone got any recommendations? 
FINALLY I'm trying to make little posters to put up in college I have small sheets printed with a nail wheel and I did one but I hate it. I don't know what to write on it so please help with your ideas! PLEASE haha. 
This is my one..cringe :/ Its VERY rough! 



  1. I spy a cat amongst the group of cute and lovely fimo! so cute! x

  2. very cool--wish i had a sturdy hand to do nail art:(

  3. The fimo canes look ace, never seen them before - do you have a link to them?x

  4. Thank you for the link :) I'm gonna buy some, god knows how I'm gonna cut them but they're too cute to miss!x

  5. I think I've found my newest obsession: DOLLY NAILS. Ahh, your blog is wonderful! I'm obsessed with nail art at the moment so your blog is perfect!
    Would you like to follow eachother?

  6. Hey! I've been looking at the fimo nail art on ebay. I've never used them before but would love to try, would you recommend them? Are they good quality? Thanks, Kirsti xx

  7. Thanks for the link, that really helps! And ye I was thinking I'll get some pre-cut ones just to make it easier on myself! Haha Thanks for your help :)

    Kirsti xx