Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Lip Palette

I wanted to put all my lipsticks into a palette. So I went to Muji and bought a pill box that looks like this:
It was £1.50 on the website but it was €4.50 in the shop. Was a bit annoying. Going to pick up some more things when I go to England. 

 Yeah so I melted each lipstick and poured it into the palette. I don't have that many lipsticks so I need to buy some more to put in it. Any recommendations?? Obviously the first two are the first ones I poured in and I kinda messed it up. Raging!



  1. oooh melting the lipstick in is such a good idea! never thought of that, looks so much prettier haha :) x

  2. Looks very neat and tidy compared to some palettes people do :) How did you melt them?X

  3. I love the purpley ones, just give it a blast with a hairdryer and the surfaces of the ones you think you messed up should even out.x

  4. That's such a fab idea! I might have to steal it :)

  5. Such a good idea! Would have never thought of a pill box as a cheap alternative to a mac pallet!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  6. Great idea!!! Can you show us how you did it! I'd love to do it, but I don't even know how to melt lipstick, haha!

  7. What an awesome idea!
    In reply to your comment about the Christmas party - there are quite a few people going who don't know anyone else, and you definitely won't be left on your own! I'll make sure of that! :) the first time I went to a blogger meet I was so nervous, but after a few minutes of talking you forget what you were even worried about, because everyone is so lovely! A good thing to do as well, if you were going to come, is talk to people who are going on twitter/emails for a while, so you feel like you know them a bit :)
    I really hope I might've persuaded you a bit! Would be lovely to see you there.
    Lyzi xx

  8. What a brilliant idea! Lovely blog you've got here.
    Jaz xo

  9. What a wonderful idea! <3 I might have to try this sometime!

    Lost in the Haze

  10. This is a really cool idea! Not great for on the go though.
    My leggings in that photo are from Miss Selfridge x

  11. I love the idea! but does it change the lipstick! like losses it gloss or creaminess etc?

  12. This idea is really cute! Good for keeping them all in one place:-) I think I like having individuals and keeping packaging though, I'm a real hoarder!!xxx