Thursday, 17 November 2011


Slept in this morning and missed my only class of the day so I had some time to fit in some nail art. I didn't think these were going to be as hard as they were!

Also we've been making moustaches in college. We have to take each strand of hair and knot it on to a piece of mesh. Its meant to be therapeutic but I just get really into it. Weird I know. We were also doing theatrical aging which was hilarious seeing everyone in my class looking old and wrinkly! I don't think I'll be putting up any pictures from that haha x


  1. That sounds like such a laugh I'd love to see some pictures. Love the nails.x

  2. I'm a new follow to your blog and i'm loving your designs! These are soooo pretty! The theatrical aging sounds like fun, i'd love to have it done just to see what i'd look like - it'd be scary though!

    Georgie <3

  3. I also tried this recently, and must agree.. A LOT harder to do than I initially thought. I did mine with different coloured pastel bases, and white diamonds as I had lost my silver and was far too impatient to properly look for it! Love your colour combo :)