Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Violent Lips

Violent lips are temporary lip transfers which come in a wacky range of designs. They have to be sealed onto your lips with water and they last for up to 8 hours. My favourite of the designs are the glitter transfers. I just think they are super cute. I think they come in pink, red and silver. I would definitely wear them on a night out! They look so fun and I'm sure you would get loads of questions from people about them! One thing I would be worried about is application. You have to line the cupids bow to your and then cut. Bit dodgy!

Also when I went on their website  I found this video explaining how to apply the transfers 

Believe it or not..the girl on the right is 14 and she is the co-creator. She created Violent Lips with her Dad and sister. 


  1. They look pretty amazing, the girl (who looks very old for her age) makes it look so easy.. I'm thinking I'd make a mess of my face..x

  2. I couldn't believe she was 14!! Its mad. Yeah I'm the same!