Friday, 26 October 2012


After the Makeup Forever Halloween master class I decided to try my first ever zombie makeup. Instead of using whites or green I kept the skin tone a more natural shade because I wanted it to look more realistic..kind of. I used a bruise wheel on all the hollows of the face and slightly highlighted the high points. Then I contoured with shadows even more. I apply dots of latex in random areas and when they were dry I used a purple and dark red from the bruise wheel to make the patches look sore then I pull the latex to make the middle of it rid and applied blood. I also applied a red liner to my waterline. I wish I had tooth stain and contacts because that would have made the look so much better!

I decided to take away some of the latex patches and I applied a darker shadow around my eyes. 
I tried to change the colour of my eyes slightly with photoshop :)

Hope you like this zombie look!

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