Thursday, 13 September 2012

Illamasqua Beauty School Drop-In

I went over to visit family at the end of last month and saw that Illamasqua were holding one of their Beauty School Drop-ins so I obviously had to go. There were three sessions during the day based on Bollywood and Asian makeup.

Natural Everyday look
The first class was Natural makeup. This involved correcting the tones in the face and give a fresh day look. Leena, the northern trainer for Illamasqua, began with the eyes. She first applied Skin Base to the eyelid with a blending brush. After this she used a technique called skin sketching. This is where you use pencils to sketch the shape you want. The pencils will also act as a base for any shadow you apply and prolong the wear. Leena also told us to always keep your eyes open with contouring the eyes to get a better shape. A dusky pink was used on the models eyes because it is great on Asian skin tones. Cream pigment in Hollow was used to neutralise the skin. Use blue toned pencils to neutralise yellow eyes.

Bollywood Glamour- Night time look
Rich liquid foundation was buffed onto the eyes. A light skin toned pencil (such as Vow) was used on the brow bone. If you want something stronger use a matte concealer under your brows just press and drag down. This will give them a very defined shape. For brows Leena used Brow Cake dry through the start of the brows then using sealing gel to wet the brow cake at the ends. She pressed shadow onto the eyes instead of blending using a dense brush. A black shadow was used to make the eyes stand out more. Then she applied Rich Liquid foundation and contoured the skin.

Bollywood Bridal
Androgen cream pigment, a peach pigment, was used to even out the skin tone. Leena used Red and metallic pigments on the eyes followed by shadow. (I didn't take as many notes for this one SORRY!)

If you live in or around London definitely go to any of the beauty school dop-ins. You get so many amazing tips, you can ask any questions and there's a 10% discount during the day. I went a bit mad... :/ I got matched for Rich Liquid foundation so I bought that and one in white. Satin Finish Primer, Beguile pigment AMAZE! sealing gel and brow cake then because I had spend over a certain about I got two free cream pigments in silver and bronze!  

ALSO! My new header was draw by the very talented Jaymie. I'm in love with it! Definitely go to her blog and her shop

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