Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day & Night

I never really wear eyeliner because I find it so difficult sometimes. Its so much easier to do on other people! I just thought I'd write a post about a simple day to night look with black eyeliner. For the day look I used a cream/skin tone shadow on the lid and a light brown in the crease blended out. The night look isn't too over the top but you could wear a bright lip with it if you were feeling adventurous ;) For the night look I added a darker colour in the crease and in the outer corner of the eye. 

I am trying to wear eyeliner more because it always looks really cool and completely different to what I normally wear. I am trying to practice makeup more so when my Mum said she was going out I said that I would do her make-up. She never wears eye shadow so I thought I would try some on her. I used a brown pencil along the lash line blended out and then a gold shadow blended up to the crease. She was a bit funny about it at first but I think she liked it! She looks so angry in that picture haha :)

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  1. Both you & your Mum look gorgeous, I love how you do your eyeliner! XO.

  2. I love how neat your eyeliner is. That is one of my favourite looks, but I'm so bad at it! What eyeliner do you use?

    1. Its a cake eyeliner from Screen Face. I find cake eyeliner much easier to use than liquid liner :)

  3. I love the winged eyeliner look but whenever I do it I feel a bit too done up, so generally only do it for going out! Your mam looks lovely! I've only done my mam's makeup once or twice I don't have the patience!

    joanne from