Thursday, 15 December 2011

Today's Nails

I went into the city centre (Dublin) today to finally get my Christmas presents for everyone...I couldn't find anything..I got my sister's presents and that's it. I did try one some disco pants..hoping they would look terrible and I wouldn't want them anymore. Instead they were a perfect fit and I seriously want a pair. They are around €85 and I don't think I could justify spending that. I don't even have the money at the moment anyway :( Officially started my Christmas holidays yesterday SO HAPPY! Decided I'm going to go back to Wexford for a week. I haven't been back in AGES so its going to be weird but fun. Last night I wanted to pin curl my hair to see how it would turn out..I did it very messily and this is how it turned out this morning....
 It was so BIG! I had to tie it up. Will definitely try it again but do it properly. Anyway here are my nails from today. Just a simple heart design. Going to do some more xmas designs later :) 
Hope everyone is well :) 


  1. Cute nails, love the peace signs - wish i had a steady hand to do something pretty like this on my nails!

    Georgie <3