Friday, 23 December 2011

Glitter & Bows

Wanted to do my nails before i went out tonight. So excited I haven't been out at home since the summer. And I haven't been out in general since Halloween!! I just like getting ready and getting dressed up. Still haven't decided what I'm going to wear but I'll figure it out. I only have a limited amount of clothes with me but I bought a few outfits. Might put up some pictures from the night if I don't look to terrible(drunk) in them :) Best thing to do is take the most pictures at the start of the night!
Please excuse my messy hands. My black nail art pen kept leaking. These are just simple polka dot and bows nails. I thought I'd be a bit more festive and use glitter polish. It is more green in real life. Its Emerald Isle by Angelica you can buy it in Penneys. Slightly inspired by by this tutorial from effiesmakeupbox :) x