Thursday, 28 July 2011

First blog!

Hi. I'm Chantelle and I've wanted to write a blog for a while. Finally I've bitten the bullet and got one. I'm in 2nd year of college. I'm studying Design for Stage and Screen, Makeup Design. Last year was a core year and I hated it. Luckily in September I get my kit (eek!!) and will be finally on the road to becoming a make up artist. I wanted to use this blog to share the stuff I learn at college and also include my growing love for nail art. I started a little business called Dolly Mixture Nail Art a couple months ago so I will also be posting the nail sets I make for that. Hopefully you enjoy what I post up here anyway :)


  1. Welcome to blogging! Congrats and good luck with becoming a makeup artist :) I really like the layout of your blog, very cute x